Saturday, March 17, 2012


St. Patrick's Day on a Saturday.  Lordy.

Drunk. Drunker. Drunkiest.

I can safely say I've never participated in any festivities for this day.  Unless they are vegetables, I rarely eat green food, and I certainly don't drink green beverages.

You even saw, I don't eat the green jellybeans and there is some nonsense about green M&Ms that seems so fricking stupid, I don't even know what the urban myth truly is.  Something about making someone horny - yeah, because a stiff breeze doesn't do that to every guy over the age of 11.

Allegedly, Cleveland will have 416,000 people watching the parade today - the most ever, because it is a Saturday and most AA meetings aren't taking place.  So besides the drone of bagpipes, the instrument would most make want to be deaf, the streets will run with a river of green vomit.

Coming from someone who was a big fan of abusing alcohol, this is one "holiday"I do not understand. I never tried to drink to excess - well, where you'd actually be sick. But I've seen these people who seem to make it a personal goal.

I certainly do not understand what makes this day a drinking day.  What about the driving of snakes from Ireland - which is just a downright fallacy -  turns into a day to kill your liver?

I'm sure there are Wiki entries on the how this day came to be, but I really don't care all that much.  I really just needed to use my image of green Hostess Sno-Balls

You won't see me anywhere near downtown - for oh so many reasons.  But if you partake, enjoy.

Song by:  Lori Carson


Cubby said...

"...and most AA meetings aren't taking place." I love your humor.

Morty said...

It's 9:30am. Come on down for some green eggs and Jamesons!

Anonymous said...

I like that the Irish are getting plenty of sex and the balls aren't blue.

Ur-spo said...

5 May (say my Mexican chums) is a nothing holiday prompted here to push the sales of booze. An Irish colleague felt the same way about 3/17 - it was a festive day but a day for Mass and family dinners.
So I blame the liquor industry.

cb said...

I avoid St. Paddy Wagon's day like the plague.