Friday, March 23, 2012

App of the Month

You know, I didn't do an AotM in February.  I blame the 1-2 day less of opportunity to blog than my own shortcomings. As you know, it's always someone else's fault.

As you know, I travel quite a bit for work. Sometimes to remote areas where I do not know the terrain geography all that well, let alone the business district(s).

Why is this important?  Why, you ask?  I'll tell you why.

THAT is why.

...and yes, there's an App for that.   Have2P

I suppose the marketing folks are being nice, because this could easily be called Have2Poo. Sometimes it is just not about #1.

Logic will tell you to find the nearest McDonalds when you must go. But believe it or not, the road from, say, Oklahoma City to Lawton isn't littered with fast food restaurants or gas stations.....or rest areas. Sometimes you need a guide.  Not like a Sherpa, but more like an iPhone app.

Now this app will tell you, based on someone else's entry at a static point in time, if the rest room is clean; or if it has a changing table; or if you need to purchase something - as it might be for customers only.  You can also put in your recommendations and discoveries for others to benefit from.

That is all well and nice - unless you truly have, as George Constanza might have said, a "pressing intestinal need".   Sorry - then all bets are off.

The ability to drive (if you're alone), log on to your phone, launch the app and then wait to find your current location, well, by that time you've probably soiled yourself.

But on the plus side, the app is free.  You knew it would be - I'm cheap.

For those who want a similar app with a corporate sponsor (amusingly by Charmin), Sit or Squat is also available.....and free.


Birdie said...

I need this for NYC, which is famous for its lack of public restrooms.

Wonder Man said...

there's app for everything

Ur-spo said...


Erik Rubright said...

Ho Lee Krapp! Downloading. Now.

cb said...

Why not just call it "Have 2 Hook Up in a Bathroom Stall"??