Saturday, December 23, 2023


So, it's come to my annual blog reader pet post. 

I truly enjoy these, as I get to see the four-pawed friends that keeps us all on our toes. 

I swear this post keeps getting bigger by the year, and I'm good with that. Honestly, I should start the set-up a week or two out. This night before shit is testing my patience. 

Love this all, but it's a bit of work.  ....and I am working on it up to the last minute.  If I missed a name or a hyperlink, let me know and I'll fix it. 

Remind me next year to start this in October. 

Spo & Someone's Harper. 
As always, her ears just get me.

Ollie belongs to Peter and Mike. least Peter & Mike think it' that way, but I think we know better. Ollie is in charge. 

We don't have a lot of cat entries this year. 
CB brought forth one of Luna. She's looking playful, or defensive. Or both. 

Morty & George are petless, but they are constantly pet sitting for others. I think it's a great compromise. 
This is Lucy and Hawk.  I think I have them in the correct order. 

They also watched Pearl when I was visiting last March. I LOVE Pearl, and she me. 

Meredity & Norman get to reside with Rollo (big boy!) and Pickles Bosch

Lilou and Bruno tell no lies. 
They keep Jon and Tom in line. As well they should. 

Rhodesian Ridgebacks  UK version. 
Harley and Holden are over in London with Dad #1 Nico, while Dad #2, Brett, is now in the U.S.

Which is how we get the US version with Rhaegar, Rocko and Millie. 
Millie is their "foster".  Yes, quotes. I'm taking wagers she never leaves. 

Terry & Mark are but, and I quote, "humble servants" to Tucker - who is king, but he seems to be a benevolent ruler. long as dinner is served on time. 

Bob & Carlos have gorgeous calico Consuelo and the very regal Rosita, their newest family member. 

Becky & Andrew have a brood as well (below). 

Zooey owns some unfortunate footwear. 

Albus has a top on, but it stands to reason, Hogwarts always looks chilly. 

...and Boo hangs with Andrew. 

Greg M let's Brenda the Boxer return for a second year here. She's SO pretty. 

(Na)Tasha is back too. I'm so glad we have international representation a few times here. 
What a Shetland Sheepdog is doing in France is beyond me, but I suppose she keeps Walt company. 

Will Jay lets the Marvelous Miss Macie make her debut here. 
He claims she is a full blooded Affection Hound, but it seems the AKC doesn't recognize that breed, so we'll have to go with a Beagle / Jack Russell mix. 

James debuts his two beauts -- Petyon and Grace.
They seem very chill. 

Bailey is very proud of the destruction she's done on her toy. So far, my sister hasn't sent a pic of her all dressed up in holiday gear. I expect it shortly after I hit "publish". 

We do have a special treat though. 

A reader, Christin,  has been following me (or at least ran into me) when we had Petey. She saw us adopt Shep and she sent pics of what could only be considered Shep's cousin. As Cooper came from Georgia and Shep from Tennessee (allegedly) they're probably (?) not siblings, but oy, the resemblances.

They totally have to meet!

.....and speaking of, here is the man himself......

Truth be told, Shep isn't fond of getting his pic taken with Santa. It freaks him out, they tell me. 
However, this year, he "broke into" the room with Santa three times. Santa must have had some kick-ass treats. 

No posed Simon in front of his first tree this year. It's all very new to him. 
However, my sister-in-law did get some video of him "interacting" with the tree. 
Really though, for the most part, he's left it alone. 

In Memorium

I'm not fond of this part, but respect must be paid. These guys and girls were truly family members to their owners and protectors. I do love giving them the space for others to see and come back and visit these beauties. 

Rebecca & Andrew (and Tony) lost Barkely earlier this year. 
Barkley was such a love sponge with me. We all miss him. 

Bob & Carlos had, what I have to assume, a heart-breaking year. I can barely get through a loss once every decade. Bob & Carlos have the strength of 20 men. 



Max Goldberg

And then Tornwordo lost Georgie. Whom I've loved - and never met - for years. 

I'm a sucker for a hound. 

All are missed. All are loved. Present tense. 

Song by: Kim Wilde


Travel said...


James Dwight Williamson said...

Lovely pictures I sent my two back in November, Oh Well . Beautiful animals and big sympathy to all who have lost pets in the last year.

Bob said...

Harley and Holden and a couple of gorgeous creatures.

Love them all, and got a little teary seeing Tuxedo and Max and Ozzo.

rebecca said...

Barky forever in our hearts

Anonymous said...

Well done!

Thank you.

Will Jay

James Dwight Williamson said...

Thank you Blobby 👍

Ur-spo said...

I always enjoy these! Thank you for posting them!
Harper was first too! What an honor!