Sunday, December 03, 2023


That other rant-like post I wrote the other day is now being delayed until next week. I'm lazy and if I don't write about George Santos now, will anyone, ever??

So, it's all over for George. 

Well.......his political career. 

His criminal cases - and no doubt soon to be civl cases - are far from over. 

I hate to side with the GOP in any way, but Pelosi didn't expel any number of house members for their January 6th bullshit - and I kind of find insurrection far worse than spending donor funds on OnlyFans sites. 

Perhaps she didn't do it since no criminal charges - or convictions - occurred with those twats. So maybe expelling Santos without a conviction is a great idea. It leaves the door wide open for a GOP controlled house to do the same. And retribution is the name of their game. They're still trying for impeachment on Biden. 

That all said, yes, it's good to be rid of Santos. The gov of NY is looking to replace him and with a democrat, lessening the impact on the grip the GOP has with the House. 

Oddly, on his way out the door, I have to say, I have a sliver of respect for George, even mixed in with his stupidity. 

The stupidity:  "I had no skin in the game."

Huh?  Your job. Your "reputation" . Your alleged constituents. It was all skin, buddy. 

The respect: his outgoing line.   .....except that he was "officially" no longer a member. 

Oddly, if he kept his pie-hole shut more of the time, he wouldn't have been in the mess in which he found himself. 

Now if Lauren Bobert would only get hit by a freight train.......or the upside of a barb-wire encrusted baseball bat.  Or Marjorie Taylor C*nt.  Or Matt Gaetz.  I'm not picky on which one. 

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Raybeard said...

Begone, you apology of a 'man'! And leave the exit doors open behind you for the rest of the 'disgraces' to follow.

Old Lurker said...

Santos was entertaining, but he was a sideshow.
As for getting kicked out for OnlyFans subscriptions, my question is: which ones?

Travel said...

The House has not recessed for the holidays, but they don't expect to do anything else for the year. They kept this clown around until they couldn't use him anymore, before flushing. One down a few dozen left to go.