Friday, December 08, 2023

Wishin' and Hopin'

I think we can all agree:  I'm not the most optimistic person you've ever met (or even not met).

No - it's true.  I totally get it. 

So, surprise of all surprises, I was fairly optimistic these last six weeks, wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' (well, not that last part) that I would get into the Chicago Marathon. 

Like some of the bigger marathons, you can get in with a ridiculous qualifying time. I'd have had to run a full marathon in less than 03:35:00.......which is never ever gonna happen, unless I was Rosie Ruiz. Or, like thousands of others, I went into the lottery system. 

I did the latter. 

Anyone who signed up knew yesterday was the announcement day. The 'problem' was: no one seemingly knew the time of the selection. I had heard you'll get an email, you can check the website, or more often than not, you'll see a charge come across your phone that they've taken your money. 

What I got was a bunch of people on FB running groups to which I belong flaunting their entrance. 

I went to the website, and signed-in and got 'pending'. But it wasn't too much longer (though it felt like forever) that I got this:


This where my optimism comment from earlier comes in. It oddly, kind of, never occurred to me that I wouldn't get in. There is absolutely nothing with which to back up that statement, but I just kind of thought.....sure......     I had even talked three others in to signing up for it - including my running wife. 

It turns out that they didn't get in either, which unfortunately made me feel better. But I was - and am - bummed! I really wanted this. 

And while I know I was being petty(no 'r') and envious, this post in FB kind of ticked me off

Now, I still don't identify as a runner, but 'never ran before in my life' and you're signing up for one of the biggest races in the US.   ......and got in!

Maybe she's an internet troll.  If so, I'm sorry I blotted out her name. 

Maybe this is why I don't set goals often. 

So, there is another option to run Chicago:  charity.  

If I can raise $1,750 for one of their confirmed charities I can run. I've never minded giving to charity, or people who do walks or rides, etc, but I've never been comfortable asking it from others. While I haven't ruled it out; I haven't ruled it in either. 

I have time to decide. But the lottery for New York opens in February. I can sign up and wish and hope and pray and then not get into that one too!

Song by: Dusty Springfield


Anonymous said...

You really know your demographic with the Rosie Ruiz reference.

Will Jay

James Dwight Williamson said...

Seems to me the Boston Marathon or the New York Marathon are more prestigious , I’ve you’re gonna kill yourself.

Old Lurker said...

My understanding is that the majority of your readership is (a) rich, (b) secretly in love with you and (c) generous, so you might try charity-ing your way in. (Note that I am none of these things, but that is because I am an outlier. Also I don't know how I could donate without doxxing myself.)

rebecca said...

I’m down for $200