Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Hey, Bobba Needle

It was a gag gift. Kind of. Or supposed to be. Kind of. 

710 likes waffles who am I to deny him that? 

Personally, I can take them of leave them. They're not as good as French Toast, but not nearly as bad as pancakes.  Either way, they make me sleepy. 

It's a lot of carbs. 

I love Star Wars, and 710 likes it, but loves me, so...he wasn't about to say 'no' to a Boba Fett Waffle Iron, was he? 

I cannot state this enough - even if it's the one and only time:  it was a $16 Boba Fett Waffle iron. 

Gag-ish gifts are not meant to come from William Sonoma. 

Yesterday, he made waffles for us. 


They're ok. You can't really brown them more than they are. I know is sounds odd, but no better description comes to mind:  waffles should have a certain crispness to them. 

What comes out here is soft and light, more like French Toast than its intended purpose. Only Boba himself gets a bit toasted. The other side is his ship, I'm assuming (though I really don't remember ever seeing it). 

The gift was good for a yuck, but 710 asked later if I'd be offended if he didn't use it again. 


We have a FB group called 'buy nothing (add in your city/town)'. I've gotten rid of many things there. It's better than throwing it out.  ,,,,,or worse....storing it for the next decade. 

Song: Chubby Checker


Travel said...

Beam me up

Old Lurker said...

No one will ever call a $16 waffle a bargain, but I imagine it is possible to find a more expensive waffle in your town.

James Dwight Williamson said...

It amused me, thanks and yes waffles need to be crispy not soggy.

Ur-spo said...

what fun!
My cousin as a waffle iron that produces the death star