Thursday, December 14, 2023

Hangin' by a Thread

I don't really have a formulated post today. I guess I don't on lots of days, but you know - fake it til you make it. 

We opted to get a tree this year. Sometimes we just don't - be it a mood or lack of one. This year it came down to two things:  price and..............Simon!

Our other cats over the years were all girls. Not that they can't be bad, but save Kylie in the tree once back in 1993 (?), none of the others have cared. Yeah, they like to go after the water in the base, but, never in the tree - and have never broken an ornament 

Simon is not those girls. He's all curiosity and mischief. 

First off - tree prices. Oy.  Sky high where we usually get (and got) our tree. There is something to be said for shopping around. My friend Bob got his tree elsewhere, it's bigger, fuller and cheaper than ours To get one that sized from where we purchased - and I'm not kidding - another $115. 

But we went smaller, and cheaper.  Because.............Simon. 

710 used fishing line to secure the tree to something stable in case one cat did one leap into one tree. 

If he's been in it, we haven't seen him there........or any damage. 

We left it bare for a week and then opted only to but non-glass / non-precious ornaments on. So far; so good. 

I'm not sure Simon or a landfill and 100,000 years could destroy my Cub Scout creation made out of a L'Egg's pantyhose container.  Just look at the craftmanship that a second grader did. 

Say what you will, that motherfucker has lasted over 50 years. I believe Antiques Road Show would call it "vintage" and "priceless". 

You gotta admit, that is some good glue. Glitter still adhered and has been since Nixon was president. 

Oddly, I still remember the Den Mother's house and the basement in which I made that L'Egg. I can picture her, but not her son, and I know exactly where the house is / was, but not their name. That's unlike me. 

It was one of the few things I salvaged from my parent's house when we cleaned it out and sold it. I have another marvel made out of a styrofoam ball and wrapping paper. I don't want to overwhelm you with beauty, so perhaps I'll show that off next year. 

The tree is hanging by a thread. The ornament too. Possibly me. Just a little while until 2024. 

Song by: Jann Arden


Travel said...

2024 is going to be a fun year.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Go Simon Go!

Old Lurker said...

Is there a Pokemon inside that ornament?

Glad to hear that Simon is behaving himself for a change.