Wednesday, December 20, 2023


I've really really really been steering away from politics and the law for the most part. It makes me anxious and depressed, which is saying something. 

I really try not to read it either. 

I mean, it's impossible to miss headlines, but I try not to delve. And TV news no longer comes on while I'm home. Even local.  

I wishing nothing but death for some of these motherfuckers - Guliani and the likes.  Anyone on Texas' Supreme Court. Clarence Thomas and wife.  ......and of course, BLOTUS.  The rest of the list is too vast to print here, as the internet only has so much bandwidth. 

The 2024 election is truly a fucking frightening scenario. Sorry, but Pappy Joe isn't on a winning track right now - even against Nimarata Randhawa let alone BLOTUS.  Sorry GOP, you can call Rafael and Nimarata Ted Cruz and Nikki Haley all you want, but they are from immigrant families you'd now keep out of this country - and now you are considering one of them to take the helm.  

But as 710 and I were thinking about dinner last night, I got a ping from Apple News with a similar headline that is today's blog image. 

Thank Fucking Baby Jesus. 

Yes, I know this will go to the US Supreme Court, but I'm trying to figure out how they're going to negate a state law / charter. And if they do - guess what folks, all bets are off and we are 100% fucked with future rulings regarding state matters, especially if Pappy Joe doesn't win. 

For now, I'll take this small victory. Maybe other states will take on the challenge. Should they, even write in votes for BLOTUS would split the GOP tickets. That might be the only way Pappy Joe could win. 

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Travel said...

Someone somewhere has finally taken seriously insurrection.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Let’s see what SCOTUS does, they always step in at the most illegal and inappropriate times

Old Lurker said...

That is a strange ruling. As far as I know BLOTUS has not been convicted of the insurrectionist stuff (yet)? I thought people were innocent until proven guilty.