Saturday, December 02, 2023

Higher Love

Pet picture day. Best blog day of the week, if I say so myself.  We are a little Simon heavy this week, but I know many of you won't mind. 

Not sure what he's checking out. 
He is standing on a dining room chair that was hand-carved by my step-great grandfather (if there is such a title). 

Not quite cuddly. But he didn't bite me either.  So - win!

Overseeing the peasant. 
...and from another chair. I have his whole set of 12. Each back has a different animal carving. 

What used to be my ottoman is now either Shep's or Simon's throne. 

Bailey got a new winter coat. 

Honestly, I've stopped trying to stop Simon from climbing on top of cabinets. 
I was hoping the thrill would wear off.  I think I might be stupid. 

These guys do like to hang in the dining room. 
But Simon always must remain higher. 

DO NOT FORGET:  Reader - start submitting your pet pics for the Annual Read Pet Post coming in like two weeks.  Get on it.  And identify the animal too - name and breed.  Unfortunately, I will continue with the in memorium portion to - so if you sadly lost a loved one in the last year, please include them. 

Song by: Steve Winwood


James Dwight Williamson said...

I can’t get enough of Simon, and the carved chairs are so unique and special . Hugs for Shep .

Raybeard said...

Simon deserves an entire photo-album to himself - but with also giving Shep a significant look-in, even if it's only as his reluctant 'companion'.

Regretfully I'm still unable to load any photos, so yet again can't submit pics of my purry trio of attention-hoggers. Will eagerly look forward, though, to seeing submissions from others.

Bob said...

Simon does enjoy the spotlight.

Travel said...

Always occupy the high ground.

Happyman said...

It appears that Shep is learning his place. Such handsome boys.
Those chairs are beautiful.

Old Lurker said...

You know you are in trouble when your definition of success is "the animal I feed and dote over DIDN'T bite me".

Did you ever give us a photographic tour of that complete set of chairs?