Saturday, December 16, 2023

Watching You Without Me

Today, I think, we have a good selection of pet pics. 

You have less than a week to send in your pet pics for my annual reader post. A number of you have already sent in some - so thank you.  But don't make me come after some of you.........and you know I will. 

Unfortnately, as always, there is an in memorium section, so if you lost a dear companion, I'm happy to include them. 

Leaving for a run, but I was watched. 
....always watched. 

Speaking of..........
Shep's gaze never left the doors to the store, into which Dad #1 disappeared. 
I don't even have to look to see if he's coming back, the tail whapping noises will let me know. 

Finally getting curious about the tree. 

Happy pick-up .
They're always happy. For both of us. 

Bailey caught in the act. 
....according to my sister. 

I love this pic. 
Shep at Brandywine Falls. 

Ok, we called him "Kitler" as a joke. 
The joke might be on us. 

Song by: Kate Bush


Travel said...

Cats are always one joke ahead of us.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Dogs love dishwashers who knew, mine too. Shep seems like a happy boy again.

Old Lurker said...

Bailey loads and unloads the dishwasher?! How come Shep doesn't do any chores around the house?

Oh that last pic.