Saturday, December 09, 2023


Busy week means fewer pet pics. Shep is paying for that, as Simon still gets a lot of picture time. He's young.  He's cute. He's up to no good most of the time. 

Co-king of the house. 
I'm not sure there is a surface on which he hasn't been.

He's very comfortable around us. 

Just a daycare pick up pic. It's not great. 

What cat doesn't like a laundry basket. 

This popped on my FB memory page yesterday. 
Petey's first time with Santa. His only time with Santa - 2011. 

He was such a sweetie. 

Song by: Harry Connick Jr. 


Travel said...

Cats rule,

James Dwight Williamson said...

Simon is such a ham, I’m starting to feel sorry for Shep who has had a pretty fabulous amount of attention himself.

Calvin said...

Happy Caturday he's a very pretty boy.

Old Lurker said...

Neither Petey nor Santa look very comfortable in that pic.

What I am hearing is that Shep needs to misbehave more to get attention.

Anonymous said...

The first photo of Simon exploring the desk shows his markings to great advantage(Mr. Bobby, I am ready for my close up).

Will Jay