Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Run Run Rudolph

It seems I lied at Thanksgiving when I said I was done with races for 2023. 

Maybe I was bored. Maybe I felt I had something to prove. Or maybe I have no will power. 

I waited until four days before to sign up. So late, they didn't even have a shirt in my size {sob}.

They call it the Frosty Fiver. 5 miles, not kilometers. They also had a 1 mile fun run. ....but some took that far far too seriously. One guy doing just over a five minute mile. I assumed (correctly) that it was just his warm-up for the 5 miler. 

It was hardly "frosty", though in theory it should be on xmas eve. It was 43° at the start. 

What it was, was foggy. The drive - which took longer than the race - was dangerously foggy. 

The race is in possibly the whitest town in Ohio. It also happens to be loaded with $$$. 

1400 participants. I saw not one person of colour. Not horribly shocking for this town, but still disappointing. The emcee (aka Santa) mentioned that 27 states represented in who showed up - and three other countries:  UK, Canada.....................and Puerto Rico. 


I know Santa was just reading the stuff he was given, but a small geography lesson shouldn't be out of the question. All those tax dollars heading to the schools aren't really paying off. 

The run itself was fine. I struggled for the first mile, but it was all good. I knocked 1:31 off my previous best 5 mile run.  On paper I know I'm improving. When on the road, I don't always feel it. 

But honest, THIS was my last race of 2023. 

Song by: Chuck Berry


James Dwight Williamson said...

Interesting how places of privilege see themselves!

Old Lurker said...

Poor Puerto Rico.

Suuuure this is your last race of 2023. It's not like there is an ENTIRE WEEKEND left in the year. (You don't have a problem. You can quit whenever you want.)

Elle Clancy said...

I live in this town...Yes, I wish it was more diverse. Who wouldn't? Fortunately, not all of us are horrible privileged twats. There really are some good people here.

Travel said...

Are you sure there is not a New Years Eve champagne run?