Friday, December 01, 2023

On Top of the World

I had another post drafted and remembered today is World AIDS Day. 

I mean, why ruin my streak on writing about that? 

The other drafted post was another rant - and maybe it's good it's spaced out a bit, so not to be "that guy". 

Honestly,  I don't now if anything is new in the world of AIDS. New strains?  New research? New drugs?  New hope? 

I haven't been paying attention. Hopefully someone has. 

Covid and RSV seem to be the top of every epidemiologists mind still. I'm sure there are dedicated folks for HIV and AIDS. I mean, I hope there are. I'm sure there are. 

Still, while I reflect on them more than just this day, I do think about the folks I know and have known who are / were saddled with this. 

I assume younger gay men have PrEP and use it accordingly. I hope they do. It's just they'll never know - good and bad - what it was like 40 years ago. I don't think they can comprehend the toll it took on people my age or older. 

It got easier over time and to a degree. But that's due mostly to short attention spans and not learning history. I don't want them ever to have to live (or die) through something like that again. I feel we came close-ish with Covid. Certainly more deaths with that, but not so targeted and so much vile associated with a population of people. 

Wow, I went down a rabbit hole to which I didn't mean. I shouldn't write this close to bed some days. porn tomorrow.  There.  That's better. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

Never Forget . It’s like the song- I know where I’ve been- and am greatful I came through it Negative. But that doesn’t free me from remembering and saying the names of all my friends who died . Before AIDS. I can t remember a time before AIDS I was a late starter relatively. I wish they would work for a vaccine , they being any country with the ethics to produce it. Say their Name!

Old Lurker said...

I hope we will get the rant soon?

Yes, I think there has been progress on HIV. The cross-pollination between treatments for HIV and COVID will hopefully bear fruit. There is good progress on malaria so I hope HIV is not too far behind.