Sunday, December 24, 2023

the Night Before

Sorry folks. 

Time ran out.  Well, that's not exactly true. While I had a "free" day, I did run with my new running group and it was great, even though it was 40 and poured for the entire 6 miles. 

But tea and pastries were good and I had a few great conversations with the new group - and two folks who weren't there last week. 

Then a hike with Shep and then a two HOUR nap. 

After that, I was just lazy. 

But it's xmas eve. We have few plans for the day. That's ok. It's good just to kick back and do little.  ...just like I did today. 

Have a great day. 

Song by: the Beatles


Travel said...

Do lots of nothing, and enjoy every minute of it, Merry Christmas

Ur-spo said...

Finally! After a few weeks of no proper time to read blogs I am!
Thank you for being here/part of the blogging community.
Happy Christmas to you!