Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Shopping with Blobby

Yet another installment in the drudgery that is everyday shopping. The camera-phone makes it a bit more fun - though I get looks whenever I take pics of products. Like I care what people think!  

Technically, this is Gifting with 710.  ....and yes, it's another running item. 

My December holiday gifts from 710 were mostly running related - and all appreciated. 

Seriously, a headband to catch about 87% of the drippings from my Dr. Bunsun Honeydew noggin was possibly the best of the season. Yeah, I look like a douche in it, but I'm not going for glamour (obvi) or trying to get a date at 05:00.  Sorry - "date". 

He also got me a new device in which to play music. 

Last year, he got me the new AirPods and I really like them. The sound is amazing. They look good too. And for running on the treadmill they stay in. For most of my workouts they stay in. But not all. 

Laying back on a weight bench is almost guaranteed to have at least one fall from your ear and bounce 8' away.  It's 100% when you're on an inclined bench or doing certain ab crunches.  And as I found out, why they won't even remotely stay in during outdoor running baffles me. Clearly running indoors vs out differs on just about every level. 

Oddly, or not, as a gay man, there are certain openings I don't want things slipped into me. Ears, oddly or not, are second on that list. Honestly - the nose is #1. 

Actually, now that I think about it, after my cystoscopy, the peehole is #1. Nose 2, Ears 3. 

Sure sure......I have used earbuds for the last decade. In the Walkman era, they were foam covered speakers that went over your ears. And I honestly think I might not be the target audience for the over the ear noise-cancelling cans. 

710 got me bone conducting "head phones".  I'm kind of digging them.  Kind of. 

As I learned when I temporarily lost hearing a few years back, you hear with the bones in / around your ear than that drum thingy. 

As you see, the device goes behind my head and over my ears - which secures them onto said Honeydew Head. And the listening devices sit in front of the ears onto the bone. 

Since they are outside the ear, one might think others can hear their Sister Sledge playing for all to hear. You'd be incorrect. We tested them out when I got them and no one could hear a thing, save the person wearing them. 

There's a slight adjustment period to them, for sure. The volume levels are not where you'd want them to be, so I basically turn it to 11. I feel somewhat better at that range, which just sounds the normal loudness, that it's not directly into my ears. 

The buttons are not intuitive, at least to me. I've found myself doing almost nothing with them other than power on / off. I don't advance songs, or repeat them. I almost only use them at the gym or for running, so I don't need to pause to chat with someone, as I try not to talk to folks in the gym. 

Yeah, when you're inverted, they slide a little so the sound muffles a bit, but it's not a deal breaker. 

You can take calls on it, not that I have. We tested it, but again:  05:00....gym......no one is calling me. 

My big issue - and maybe I just don't know my way around it yet - is there is seemingly no Siri response. "She" isn't getting the message when I talk like I do with my AirPods. I'm guessing it is some mic setting? But I have had others where it's just not an option. I hope these are not that, but I'll find out eventually. 

Mort has told me not to listen to music while running outdoors due to safety, and I totally get that, I notice many folks in my running group with something on, but so far I have not. Right now, it has just been for indoor running. 

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Travel said...

Outside the ear, should be less damaging to your hearing on a long term basis. Being able to hear when running or riding a bike adds a lot of safety factor- good advice there.