Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Precious and Few

Ahhhh.  Valentine's Day. 

The most nothing of holidays, next to Arbor Day. 

Seriously, not one of you has planted a tree for Arbor Day, so shut your pie holes. 

We have literally have never done anything for Valentine's Day.  Ever. Even when one of us was being courted or wooed. 

After 30 odd years, you really don't give a fuck about the day. I've said it before and will probably again: if you need a special day carved out to tell someone you love them, then you might need to reevaluate your relationship. 

Don't get me wrong, I like chocolates. I want them. But I don't need them. Cards?  Almost never keeping them. Dinner out? On Valentine's Day?  Maybe if we had nothing in the house and the stores were closed, and Grubhub stopped delivering. 

I get there are hear-shaped cookies to be had, and you can send them my way. That is more of my love of sugar than of 710. I mean, if he gave them to me, of course I would appreciate it....and them. But for the most part, we aren't gift-givers for the Hallmark holidays. Even our anniversary - either the actual one or our marriage one - comes and goes only with a 'happy anniversary'. You know, at the 50th, sure.....I'm sure we'll do something. 

Honestly, I don't know anyone - other than one niece - who celebrates Valentines Day. Do any of you?  And if so, how?  I am curious. 

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wcs said...

I celebrate V-Day with a big glass of wine. But let's be clear: I celebrate every day like that.

Blobby said...

good for you!

James Dwight Williamson said...

Tomorrow is Singles Awareness Day , I’ll treat myself then.

Old Lurker said...

No, I don't celebrate, but Feb 14 is a day of personal significance.

This year I hope to plant a tree on Arbor Day out of spite. (Probably I will forget.)

GregM said...

As someone who has worked in both the flower industry and the restaurant business, I learned to loath VD (heehee). Luckily I was able to find a husband who feels the same way - why do we need one day out of the year to profess our love for each other?

BosGuy said...

Frivilous holidays that don't require large family gatherings or hours cooking are my favorite kind of holidays. I'd lump St. Patrick's Day, Patriot's Day (it's a local holiday), Cinco de Mayo, Halloween, and others in this category.

Today, I sent pornographic animated gifs to some gay friends, sent something more sentimental to my girlfriends, talked to some family members, and had a quick breakfast with my other half before we started our day. I like the idea of letting those near you know that you're thinking of and care about them.

The Cool Cookie said...

Alas, I am spending Valentine's Day alone. The husband has received a summons to Boston for a family emergency. So we will quietly celebrate on Friday.

Anonymous said...

We give each other cards and sign the dog's names.

Ur-spo said...

I gave someone a 'it's the thought that counts' surprise of a bouquet of fake flowers I found in storage from a 'pink party' we gave years ago. In a red/pink bag and gave him a box of circus peanuts instead of cliche chocolates - as that's his favorite. He liked both very much.