Sunday, February 19, 2023


I was going to write about the shitty week I had, but have opted to go into a different direction. Even I don't wanna hear about my week again, let alone anyone else for the first time. 

I would rather reflect on Jimmy Carter - while he's still with us. He has entered into Hospice and I wish him well along the rest of his journey.

Politics, at the best of times, is a horrible horrible career choice. Maybe at some point, someone went in thinking they could do some good. I'm guessing you're in office 3.5 hours before you realize all you can do is navigate the savagery of the infrastructure of horribleness. Most, I believe, don't go in for good, but for self-gain.  Jimmy Carter was none of these people. 

There was always focus on his presidency - and rightfully so. He was a president, it should be a focus, but for Carter, not THE focus. 

For his four years in office, Iran is going to be the thing for which he's known, and how it could it not? He had a crap economy with which to deal and had to follow Nixon and Ford and the debacle the former had left. Not to mention a post-Vietnam era. 

Carter brokered the Israel - Egypt agreement, which oddly wasn't the reason for his Nobel Peace Prize. 

444 days of Iran did in any chance of a second term. We like to put the blame on Reagan for the state of our current system (and he's largely to fault for heading down that road), but we can thank the Ayatollah for bringing us Reagan. 

Here is where Carter flourishes though:  post politics. 

He truly went on to the life of service he thought he could be bring as Commander in Chief. Diplomat. Philanthropist, and quite possibly the closest thing to an actual Christian who held this office. 

I mean, I don't care as much about that last part, save the others claim the same beliefs but clearly don't act on them, let alone in such a way that exhibits what they say.  Still, he practiced what he preached.....literally and figuratively. There is a lot of merit in that. 

Carter just seems like a decent man. I don't think there is a lot, if any, you can say that about who has been president. I'd lump Obama in that category.  Maybe Polk.  Just kidding on that last one.

I had read once - and cannot find it - that Carter preemptively banned BLOTUS from his would-be funeral.  Fuck I hope that is true. It would make my week..........not that I want Jimmy to die just to off-set my bad week. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

I loved Jimmy Carter after his presidency, not only was it Iran , Inflation and interest rates were ridiculous a loan was 18% and CDs were paying 15 % . His legacy was post White House, and we are all the better for it. I think he has entered hospice Late. I’d be surprised if he lingers, I certainly hope not. My experience with hospice is they morphine the patient to death, I’ve seen this in 6 out of 6 cases I’ve been involved in. I have a DEA license and a lot of Pharmacology from Dental School. Jimmy was a man to model your life after , one of the handful of true Christian’s I have ever known of.

Travel said...

He has been a role model for a past President.

Ur-spo said...

I don't recall really how good of a president he was but he sure was a good man afterwards

BosGuy said...

I agree with you. He strikes me as an amazing human who definitely showed that there is life after being President. And in Carter's case, a life spent helping others, speaking up for those without voice, and championing human rights around the globe. Not a bad legacy, regardless of what people make of his 4 years as President.