Monday, February 06, 2023

My Music Monday

...speaking of the National........

Ok we weren't really. They just happened to be last week's selection. 

But at the gym, a song pops up by some group I've never heard and never heard of, EL VY.  I was going back and forth on machines, often times with just the music playing but not paying attention. Their song, "Happiness, Missouri" made me stop and listen. 

Overall, the actual music seems very rudimentary. The vocals are good, but the vocal arrangement on the chorus - which kind of oddly starts the song - has a cadence that really grabbed my ear. 

The vocals themselves are a little mush-mouthed, so I don't know all the words, but I'm getting some of them. The song is all of two minutes and two seconds. It's not going to cut into your day in any significant way if you hit 'play' below. 

As I looked into EL VY, it turns out they have one record, this one, that was released back in 2015. So I'm only eight years late to this party. They are just two guys, but the vocalist is the vocalist for the National. 

Matt Berninger sounds different enough here, that I didn't catch that it was him at all. It works though. I might have to explore the rest of their disk. 

And I'll save you the time - no, there doesn't seem to be a real place called, Happiness, MO.  I've already looked.

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