Friday, February 17, 2023

Shooting Star

It has been a very topsy-turvy week at work. There have been mids, lows and very lows.  No highs. None. I'm opting not to work from the office tomorrow. I'll find another location from which to work. After the gym, I will actually kick off my day with Physical Therapy. 

So, the Muses (or someone like them) have not really presented themselves to me. I fairness to them, I've been distracted enough that they might have been right in front of me and I just missed them completely. 

And while it's not great video, I love that Asteroid SAR2667 entered the atmosphere a few days ago and broker up (and maybe hit?) somewhere around the English Channel. 

It seems at least three people were up at 03:00 and caught it on video. It looked cool. 

If you haven't seen one, it's quite a site. We caught one by surprise (aren't they all?), and we were just at the right place / right time.  

Song by: Bad Company


Travel said...

Enjoy your day

Old Lurker said...

Is that what it is going to look like when The Big One hits and wipes out mammals as the dominant vertebrate class on Earth?

Is pot legal in Ohio? If so you could have at least one high this week.

Ur-spo said...

The Muses comment made me smile. Thank you for that.