Saturday, February 04, 2023

Staying In

As you read (or might have) yesterday, this last week was a weird one. I'm not one who must live for the TGIF or the weekend, but I'm ok not being at work. 

But as you know, pets make it all better. 

He just looks so happy and engaged most of the time. 

These two greeted me at daycare. 
They're too small to be Benson and Henry, but I think they're siblings. Adorable!

....and on the way to the car, I got a greeting, after a peeing. 
I like how he's in the beginning of leaping. 

I got to play ball with my Olive - my friend Bob's doggo. 
I think I'm her boyfriend. She is SO loving. And like all retrievers, loves to play ball. 

13° means Shep got to play hooky from 'school'; because 710 decided to work from home. 
His - Shep, not 710 - lazy ass seemingly barely got off the sofa, of which he took every inch. 

Song by: Juliana Hatfield


Raybeard said...

Olive and the golden siblings are total winners, along with you-know-who.
Wonderful how dogs have that almost unique inbuilt propensity to radiate friendliness and warmth even to total strangers. On the other hand, so sad to witness those which have been trained to distrust, dislike or, heaven forbid, fear others including their very owners. But let's not dwell on that. A friendly dog, so trusting in its natural state, really is a friend for life!

James Dwight Williamson said...

I’m glad you have other animals to come in contact with besides Faithful Shep.

Bob said...

Olive is a cutie, as s napping Shep.

Travel said...

How can one short dog, be so long