Monday, February 27, 2023

My Music Monday

I wasn't 100% sure how to end out the month. It really came down to choosing between a few new songs that are out there. 

The selections kind of came down to two - both very different. 

I've opted to go with a group I've never featured here, Gorillaz.  No doubt you've heard a song of theirs over the years on the radio (ohhhh ohhhh....on the radio), but if you're looking to me for titles, you've come to the wrong place. 

The band is actually made up of two folks, though to be confusing, they have a virtual band, which is different than their touring band. Gorillaz is about animation, if you see their albums or videos. Actual folk aren't to be seen - hence the 'virtual band'.  They're just cartoons. The two guys do all, or most of, the work. 

Anyhoo - they have a new disk out as of three days ago. I somewhat enjoy their title track, "Cracker Island", which was pre-released months ago. 

The band is all about collaboration. They've done a lot with other artists and bands, and this disk is no different. What might be is some of their selections, including the one on today's song, "Oil". The song features Stevie Nicks. 

Honestly, I thought this would be terrible. Not to be ageist, but she is 73. Her voice hasn't been remotely the same since she was in her 40s.  Drugs, smoking, hard living has given her a three note range. That said, with the right arrangements, she's made it work here and there..........and I'm being generous. Actually, others have made it work for her.

The win here is, she is "harmony" and has no actual lead vocals. Her voice is there, and distinctive enough, that you know it is her, but she does nothing to ruin the song. Her vocal isn't buried in the mix either, it just compliments the lead vocalist. Her contribution is neither outstanding or displeasing. 

The song itself is semi-interesting. Probably not enough for me to purchase it, but I wouldn't change the radio channel either, should it come on. 

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Raybeard said...

If the main voice and/or just the 'song' is Damon Albern's (though the voice sounds perhaps a bit younger than he'd now be) it's respectably noteworthy without being spectacularly so. Assuming that he'd in some respect be a major contributor to this production he, as usual, pulls it off fairly well. 3.5/5.