Sunday, February 05, 2023

Run Baby Run

Running Club started yesterday. 

It started in a taco bar. There are two groups - east side and west. Every Saturday both run. Tuesdays are regional. 

The run was tough. Not physically, exactly. It started out at 12º .  That doesn't include the wind. 

We had the option of running a 3 mile run or a 5.4 route. Even the seasoned runners were debating the shorter path. 

Right or wrong, I chose the longer version. 

Right away, at the bar, it was awkward. It was all very cliquish. Everyone seemed to know most everyone else. I was the cheese that stood alone. Literally. Seinfeld was right about the making friends things. Maybe. 

The run was kind of freeing. I was on my own. 

Once again, an inhaler would have been nice. I gotta remember to bring one on the cold days. 

But the run went well. It went through the streets of Cleveland, past the Rock Hall (where "Running Up That Hill" was blasting on the outside PA system). Lot of bridges, rivers, headwinds. Cold cold headwinds. After I got going the cold didn't bother me too much. 

My new thing was: no music. 

I thought there'd be conversation between runners. Maybe there was - but not with me. And as I was told, running with earbuds is not safe - you know, if there is traffic and such. Which I get. So, I was left alone with my own thoughts.....which is a dangerous, dangerous place to be.  Mostly it was, "I can't do this!"  x 1,397. 

As we got to the last stretch, I caught up with a woman who had been near me the entire run. But she was walking. Taking a break, as it were.  I strode up beside her and said, "let's finish this together.  Let's be each other's motivation.".  She agreed and we ran the last 3-4 blocks. 

My time was pretty eff'ing good. Again, I have no concept of pace when not running on a machine. I thought fur sure I would be last (I wasn't). I thought for sure it would take me an hour (it didn't). And I was sure I'd be sore (I am). 

Back at the bar, there were bagels, coffee and  The last being for purchase. Since it was before noon, even I declined. I had water, as I don't drink coffee. 

I did meet a married couple who is in the eastern running group, so in theory, I should be seeing them on Tuesdays. 

Let's see how this goes. 

.....yes, you got no running picture. It was too cumbersome to pull my phone out and take a picture of the city while I ran. As it turns out, I didn't take notice of most things as I ran. So in a way, I was focused, which I'm taking as a win. 

But this was out near my car after the run. 

Song by: Sheryl Crow


Travel said...

It will get better, with warmer weather, then there is the giant weiner to look forward to afterwards,

I will leave the giant weiner jokes to others.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Good on you for even attempting exercise.

Morty said...

Surprised the wienermobile was that long in such cold.

Jonny said...

Wow….those lycra running pants really do show your religion!

Old Lurker said...

It was good you struck up conversation with that lady. I am sure you will make some friends if you stick with the group, once the others get over being intimidated by your striking beauty (and big weiner?)