Friday, February 24, 2023

Drink the Water

Such a fucking publicity stunt. All that's missing is a line of script from Erin Brokovich

DeWine & Co drink the water in East Palestine, OH to "prove" the water is safe. The same water where some 42,000 wildlife died since the train derailment. 

A regular commenter, I believe, tried to take me to task when I made fun of Florida. I stand by my statement. Our governor and one senator was called out, I'm assuming on my alleged hypocrisy. 

Yes, Ohio has JD Vance and Mike DeWine, but as of yet, they haven't stopped people from saying "gay", or stripped away the rights of corporations who chastised them for trying to. They haven't taken over the board of education - though they're trying. And they haven't stripped away the ability to teach AP classes that have to anything to do with Black History. Nor has our state paid to have refugees brought into our state only so we can pay for them to be bussed elsewhere for some kind of fucked up statement.  They haven't taken over the state college curriculums to white wash whatever "woke" item of the day might be. *

Let's be clear, all red states are taking their queues from what memes are calling Nazi Germany with Amusement Parks.  

So yes, I stand by my anti-Florida comments - past and future. But you're not seeing me boast about Ohio either. 

The problem with Florida - and what is to come of other states is:  no one is stopping these motherfuckers. Rick DeSantis seems to be untouchable by his own state. To be fair, the majority of their residents voted for this turd, so they're on board with what he's doing........clearly.  No one is really trying to stop him. 

But the Vance / BLOTUS visit to the crash site (well, the town) is perfect. I mean, East Palasteen (as they pronounce it) is made up of about 99.8% white republican anyways. There is no losing here.  BLOTUS can't provide any relief because he isn't in charge. Vance has actively campaigned for less fedearl aid to places he now needs money in which to go - which is so fucking typical.  Yes - I'm talking to you DeSantis and your friend Rafael Edward Cruz. 

Yes, there is no active FEMA aid - stop bellyaching about it. Technically - right or wrong - it doesn't meet the standards for emergency relief. The same would be true if fat ass #45 was in office. But he's not. He lost.  LOST.  DeWine preemptively applied for aid in case it does meet standards eventually. Though this is how it's being spun:  "he applied and got not funding" They're just leaving out a bunch of the in between shit for their own gain. 

The same train, a short time before the derailment passed right through Cleveland. On tracks where we once considered living. We opted not to because at the time trains came through a minimum of 49 times per day. 

The reality is, DeWine would have acted quicker and with more gusto had the incident been in a populated area where he might have garnered more votes - a la Guiliani after 9/11. 

Tragedy for political gain.  It never gets old. 

*btw - that is just DeSantis' actions in the last year.....or less. So far. 

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Travel said...

I like the line, Nazi Germany with Amusement Parks. Such a slimy place, and alligators are dry to the touch.

Old Lurker said...

I halfway hope they keep drinking that water, preferably untreated.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Always seems to make other Republican-states feel better to trash Florida, not that there isn’t plenty to trash. But there is a difference between Political theater by a Presidential Candidate, and what will stand up in the courts.