Saturday, February 18, 2023


A decent animal week. I mean, there was a holiday, so you know my sister was gonna dress Bailey up somehow; someway. 

He's low the the ground, so he has clean-off rubdown  - sometimes several times per day. 

Back from Valentine's Day Care. 
Yes, it looks like he's blowing Raspberries. He was not. 

Valentine's Bailey I

Find a dog who will look at you the way Shep looks at me. 

Tried to get him to pose with his treat bag. That would be a pipe dream. 

Valentine's Bailey II

Valentine Posse in their kerchiefs 

Song by: Marty Balin


Raybeard said...

Yet another super-selection. All magnificently heart-lifting - Shep's appreciative gestures in doggy-body-talk, and who can't but melt at the sight of Bailey's perked up ears?

Travel said...

Made me smile

Old Lurker said...

Bailey's Valentine's getup is subdued compared to Halloween. But we'll take it!

Ur-spo said...

one could just melt