Thursday, February 16, 2023

Kill Yourself


While I have had suicide touch my life and you know, I don't advocate for it necessarily, I still say "good" for this douche, 

Actually, and I think I speak for many, we thought / hoped / wished / prayed it was the guy to his left who off'd himself. 

I think of that tiki torch toting twat more than I'd like. The face. The hate. The vile.

I hope that image follows him all his fucking life. Job interviews. Dates. Meeting his future in-laws. Neighbors. And yes, his kids. 

Of course, he'll surround himself with folks who are as repugnant as he. The gun-toting Karen of a wife. The Aryan Nation children. But I hope work - whatever he does* - is a constant source of liability for him and whatever company might hire him. 

But if the theme song from Baretta has taught us anything, it was if you can't do the time then do not do the crime. 

Ironically, even Robert Blake didn't take heed with that one. Nor this torch wielding guy. He was afraid to do the time, so he took the easy way out.  


Hell, he was afraid he might do the time. But clearly he knew he was guilty and AP and that photo made sure to let everyone on the jury know he was there and participated willingly. 

Maybe the dude never saw Oz. Prison is flooded with white supremacist. He'd have been safe(r) than some of the population. But that protection comes at a price and I don't know how much vaseline costs in the prison commissary. 

So, thank you D-bag #2. Save us the trial and your possible faux remorse. Save the tax payers your three-squares and a cot.  Go fucking rot in hell. 

.....and take your friend with you. 

*he probably has a future in tiki torch sales, if he wasn't already their top employee before this. 

Song by:  Timbaland


Raybeard said...

I don't wish to be cruel (or, on second thoughts......) but I do hope that the 'method' he chose was slow enough to eke out the agony and misery.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I can never advocate suicide, because the person who should be suffering gets a free ticket out, and everyone who cared for them is left to pick up the shambles and brains as it were.

VoenixRising said...

Agree 100% with everything you wrote, Blobby.

The Cool Cookie said...

I would like to think I can summon words bigger than the schadenfreude coursing through my being. But people like this dude cannot be reformed. He was a hate filled loser who has saddled his children with a legacy shame. May they wear it, learn from it and not tread the path he took.