Saturday, February 11, 2023

I Lie Around

Yeah- I forgot. to write an intro.  This is how my brain is working this week.  Pets. Dogs.  No cats this week.  I need to work on that. 

Stretching with Shep. 
Apparently, you cannot get on the floor to stretch without someone thinking it's an invite to play. 
Worth It!

My sister had surgery near the start of the year. She just started being able to take Bailey on walks. 
But for this one, we did. She was jealous of Shep getting 710's attention. 

A day earlier, Shep met Cosmo and Cosmo HAD to meet Shep 
Tales wagged the entire time Cosmo was incredibly cute 

We had a record high the other day. 68F.
The dog would not come in. 

....and a lot more Bailey barking. 

Song by: Paul McCartney & Wings


Raybeard said...

Watching a dog interact with another (though only in non-hostile fashion) is an entertainment in itself. And Shep, as always, can be counted on to deliver.

Old Lurker said...

It's good to know Shep has the common sense to be outside when it is 68F in February. I wouldn't be inside either.

James Dwight Williamson said...

So Bailey isn’t the perfect princess more is the better

Travel said...

Like an old married couple, he just stands there and smiles, as she barks away.

Bob said...

A warm slab of concrete is nirvana to the pooch!