Thursday, February 23, 2023

Red Skies at Night


Not just how I feel. 

The Webb telescope keeps finding shit to blow our minds. Well, you know, should one believe in science and not that cavemen roamed the earth with dinosaurs 6,000 years ago, after g-d created "man" out of mud and clay. 

The Webb just found six potential galaxies that are what could be closest to the Big Bang (not the show!) - being created some 500-700 million years after said Bang. 

Now to you and me - but you know, not Joan Collins - 700 millions years is a LONG time. But the Big Bang is 13 BILLION years ago.  So these galaxies are basically some of earliest galaxies ever formed. They aren't not oldest, but they are the largest. 

It is throwing everyone in the astronomy world a cosmic curve ball.  That's a sports-related metaphor. 

The bright red light of the galaxies indicate old light,. They believe that each galaxy has were also huge, harboring tens to hundreds of billions of sun-sized stars worth of mass, on par with the Milky Way.

Honestly, think about that. 

It still bolsters my theory of intelligent life elsewhere. Of course it exists - but the question would be: how could it possibly find us.  We are a speck of a speck of a speck..........and so on. And if you've seen what goes on in Florida, anything / anyone is more intelligent than that. 


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Raybeard said...

As so much in Astronomy (and as the actress said to the bishop), some things are just TOO big to get one's head around.
To those who ask "If there really is intelligent, 'alien' life elsewhere (other than outside Florida) why haven't they contacted us?" they don't even begin to understand both the brain-flummoxing immensity of space and the unimaginable past time-span of the Universe. Why oh why should there happen to be another intelligent form of life capable of making contact just on our very own back doorstep? The very idea alone that there OUGHT to be is almost absurdly inconceivable. I'd not be surprised if our own civilisation ran its course out and became extinct (by self-destruction?) without EVER having made contact with another - which is not to say that there aren't any. I'd maintain that it's more likely that the Universe is actually TEEMING with life, much of it far more intelligently advanced than we lowly humanoids, though which we are fated never to know about, disappointing as that would be.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Right, Just like the Governor and Senator From Ohio DeWine and JD Vance

Travel said...

Good comment on Florida.

The Cool Cookie said...

Years ago I learned that if I overthink about what is out there and that it's vast that the word BIG becomes inconsequential, I get profoundly freaked out.