Thursday, February 02, 2023


As a young gay, of a certain era, I loathed the word 'queer'. 

It had such negative connotations. Even if not used to describing gay men. 

I suppose it was better than 'pansy' or 'faggot', but not by a lot. I know to my adjacent (read: older) cohort, they, at some point, embraced the word 'queer'. They kind of weaponized it. 

While I still don't use the word a lot, I've weaved it into my vocabulary and have now and again used it to self-identify. 

Our bestest independent bookstore (though 710 will claim, except for Barnes & Noble, aren't they all independent anymore?) I got a message about a soon-to-form queer focused book club. 

As one of my 2023 goals is to read more, I thought, "eh why not?".  I'm a "community member". I think .

Oddly, the Queer club is Bi...........monthly. I think I can swing that. Reading a book in two months and going to chat about it. And it's on Thursdays, so it won't interfere with my Tuesday running group. 

2023 was not a goal year to make friends. And I'm not saying it will happen, but between group reading and running, who knows?  

I'm curious how many will take part. Maybe they don't know the store has a cat roaming around. That's reason enough for me to attend. 

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Old Lurker said...

As an old person, I also struggle with the term queer, but I have resigned myself to it.

On the positive side, the book club means you can take some cat pictures for Saturday posts.

Travel said...

Oh tell us more about the cat! I can remember the first time someone hurled faggot at me, my response was "thank you for noticing!" He is probably still standing there with a stunned look on his face.

anonymous said...

Ah, Loganberry. I was just there. I miss "Otis". Sadly, his replacement was not there that day. A great bookstore.
Paranormal John

Anonymous said...

Loganberry is just what a bookstore should be. Grateful for my many times there over the years when I would visit for work.