Monday, February 20, 2023

My Music Monday

I said it years ago, but do we think Depeche Mode said to themselves when they started that they thought they'd still be around 43 years later?  I mean, the fucking Beatles didn't make it 10. 

Yet, here we are, 43 years after formation and 42 years after their debut album release. And come March, they'll have a new disk - their 15th, if you don't count greatest hits and live albums. 

Depeche Mode is now a duo. Andy Fletcher passed away in '22 and Alan Wilder left the band years before that. 

As one might expect, at least their lead single, "Ghosts Again" seemingly focuses on loss and death. The video certainly does. But Fletcher was a founding member and while not at the forefront of the band, he was integral to their sound. 

Most of the lyrics aren't overtly morose or even implying death, it just has a shadow throughout the entire song. 

The band has always been synth-oriented, though now and then they have their guitar moments, and at least here they are still very synth heavy. But you know, it's them, it works. 

Martin Gore is two years older than myself - and while the lighting, make-up and such in this video might be for dramatic affect...............yikes. He looks like he's 89.  David Gahan has let himself go grey (I mean, he is 60).  He pulls it off. 

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