Wednesday, February 15, 2023

How Much More?

I don't really have anything.  And if I write about the shootings at Michigan State, I'm kind of making myself out to be a big fat liar, as I said I was going to write about shootings in the U.S. 

I mean, I am two of those things, so may as well just round it out. 

Oddly (not really) there were two other events happened close in timing. 

1. 710 had 'active shooter' training yesterday. In person. 

Seriously, I said, "show the 'Run, Hide, Fight' video everyone else does for safety training".  He said, they did. I said, "it's on YouTube", and replied - "thats how they played it." But the actually brought in two police officers to conduct this training. It doesn't seem like time well spent. 

2. Where I work is affiliated with, and adjacent to, a university. Apparently Monday afternoon, as many people left work, there was an "active shooter" situation at said university. It's unclear if it was just a gun that was seen, or one that was used.  For this writing, I'm not sure it matters. 

Hundreds of people, myself included, were leaving around that time. But not notification of anything going on. My work has a safety app that pushes messages. There were to be none. 

Yesterday there was an email from our COO, stating, we should download the university's app to get messages.  WTF?  Out police force knew about - and nothing. Apparently keeping staff and patients safe is less of a priority than - I dunno - bad word of mouth? 

I'd say, "I need another app like I need a hole in the head"........but you know............

BTW - the note on the rock in the image?  The question is rhetorical. 

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Travel said...

We have a gun problem.

Old Lurker said...

There are lots of Youtube videos. The ones you watch under the eye of an armed police officer hit harder, so to speak.