Monday, February 01, 2021

My Music Monday

Before Sarah McLachlan had Lilith Fair or utilized her songs to be used for abused and scared animals, she had some of her most interesting music. 

Pierre Marchand, McLachlan's long-time producer, really kind of peaked in regards to originality with her 1991 disk Solace.  

McLachlan was playing some bar in Columbus' Brewery District back in that same year when I heard of her. 

While I believe she had little success with Solace, as she'd have with her following two disks, it would be the second to last time she'd be this inventive (Fumbling Towards Ecstasy had some really good moments). 

Save maybe one or two songs on Solace, it wasn't really radio-friendly, which of course, to me, was the draw.  "Black" is one of those non-radio friendly songs, though it's been released in many iterations - including a remix on an X-Files soundtrack. 

I still love the disk, though it's been ages since I've returned to it in its whole. 

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uptonking said...

Miss her experimental side. And, yes, Lilith was a turning point... too many songs about f'ng angels. Did she just sell-out, or did she just want the money? And once she had the money? Why not pick up the experimental side? Don't get it. Like her, but... meh.