Monday, February 22, 2021

My Music Monday

I am probably in the minority - outside of Norway -  but I like a-ha

Prior to this pandemic thing-y, we had considered seeing them on their 35th anniversary tour of their debut Hunting High and Low

Their three U.S. dates - all in Los Angeles - were all sold out, but in reality, did I really want to vacation in L.A.? 

So the bigger idea was a European venue. But all of that got nixed with Covid. And while the L.A. dates are rescheduled for later this Spring (and still sold-out), but those dates seem highly doubtful. 

At least the European dates are 2022. Maybe by then we can travel. Maybe by then we will be allowed back in Europe. 

Until then, you can hear something from their album, Minor Earth, Major Sky disk from 2000 - "Little Black Heart"


uptonking said...

Oh, how nice. Had no idea they were still working. And what a nice new sound. A tad generic, but fun all the same. It is done well. Thanks for sharing. I did like The Sun Always Shines on TV...

Raybeard said...

Morton Harket was an early-ish reveal on our latest series of 'Masked Singer', appearing as 'Viking' [a clue there] - all huge head with ginger beard and no legs. No one guessed him, his name never mentioned. Astonishment all round.

Ur-spo said...

I liked it too.