Thursday, February 25, 2021

Time's Up

I'm calling it. 

It is 21:08 and I have not a thing of which to write. The Muses are nowhere to be seen, wenches that they are. 

As you've known, my political blogging has really curtailed. The bullshit that is Ted Cruz and then these Capitol Riot hearings is again just a joke and soul crushing all at the same time - so I opt not to partake. 

710 and I chatted at dinner about why Cuomo is on the outs due to some misreported death numbers. DeWine, the Ohio governor did the same thing, by the tune of 4,000 fatalities...........and zero repercussions. One is a democrat. One is not. 

Wait - I'm not doing politics.  Never mind. 

I'm getting a cookie, then going to bed. 

Song by: the Buzzcocks


James Dwight Williamson said...

Well you could have told us what king of cookie. Newsome in California and Cuomo, Zephyr Teachout lost to Cuomo in a Primary , she’s a bro. Cuomo and Gavins grief is probably Also Clandestine Magats operations . Biden is making fools of many people , in a good way, Manchins daughter made 19 million dollars upping the price of Epi-pens . Follow the hate or follow the money trail, usually tells everything!

uptonking said...

Enjoy your cookie. What kind? Is the cookie really a metaphor? What does Blobby really really want? Tune in tomorrow...