Sunday, February 07, 2021

Site of the Month

Tis the season. 

Girl Scout Cookies, that is.   Cookies are the Site, but not exactly what you think - so keep reading. 

Last year, due to Covid, I missed them. At the time, I didn't work with anyone who sold them (for their kids) and by the time they normally would show up, shilling them outside grocery stores, well.....Covid took care of that. 

This year, I do work with someone who sells them - and while it's been a while since Girls when door to door, there is a new option:  website ordering by each individual scout or troop. And for and extra $5, they are delivered to my house, as opposed to mom or dad slogging them to work, then to you, then you back home. 

It worked well - and I got them within days of ordering. Better than that annoying middle Scout. 

But here's the Site. 

Since you can have them shipped, why not order them from anywhere?  Yes.......local girls....blah blah blah. I get it. And I get supporting friends or co-workers kids.

But what about those areas who don't have that? 

I bring to you, Troop 6000.   

These are Girl Scouts who are homeless and in a shelter. They do not have the same experiences that community scouts have. They certainly don't have the selling resources the other troops have There are no neighbors, there is rarely gainful employment by their parents, who can hit up their colleagues. 

I wish I had seen this before I ordered my four boxes. But just for the fuck of it, I might order four more. 

If you are considering ordering Somoas, Thin Mints or the likes, consider Troop 6000. 


James Dwight Williamson said...

Interesting, my favorite thing is something I didn’t know I’m gonna try it here . Troop 6000, go go go. Feels like tornado weather here. Very humid and thunderstorms. 72 degrees. Happy week Blobby and 710!

Jeffrey said...

Thank you, Blobby! This is Site of the Year, I think.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I bought some cookies and gifted some to a food bank, Postage is such a shocker ! Amazon prime spoils me but I have to remind myself that’s not free either, lol!

Ur-spo said...

I was just telling Someone last night about this but I could not remember the troop number. Thank you for providing this.

uptonking said...

Trefoils. LOVE THEM. When I was a kid... thin mint, then somoas - but they are like eating candy bars... so... no. No more. Just trefoils. They go great with a hot beverage. Enjoy.