Monday, November 06, 2017

My Music Monday

I'm still doing the shuffle thing (10th item that comes up in iTunes). I'm guessing I will until the end of this calendar year.

This week we have the Go-Go's from their totally overlooked 4th and last studio album, G-d Bless the Go-Go's.  There are a handful of really really good songs on there, and then the rest are ok. Not a real clunker amongst them.

One of the songs I think is stellar is "Automatic Rainy Day".  It's one of the few songs that has drummer Gina Schock with writing credit.

I like this song, but it doesn't beat "Vision of Nowness", which I featured a few years back.

Since then, the girls booted bassist Kathy Valentine from the band, changed their LLC to screw Valentine out of any band profits and seemingly became mean girls heading into menopause. I found it a sad way for the band to end. 

But there will be one more humiliating blow to the band: a Broadway show based on their music.

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