Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Conjunction Junction

It's doubtful I will get to see it - Venus and Jupiter seemingly being right next to each other this morning, though hundreds of million miles apart. It's called a conjunction.

And I won't get a gander mainly for two good reasons.

1. They will be visible this morning about 45 minutes before dawn.  Shep and I take our walk well before then. Hell, I'll be in the office about that time (though I do have a window).

2. It's been so super cloudy here over the last week, it's doubtful we can see the moon let alone the stars.

If you have the chance, look east-southeast less than an hour before dawn. I'll be looking, just not hopeful.

Song by: Grammar Rocks


Fearsome Beard said...

I missed it. Got up late after our late flight home last evening.

Leanna said...

It's been foggy every morning here. I wouldn't be able to see it.