Saturday, November 25, 2017

My Heaven

It was a busy picture week it seems.

Quantity does not always mean quality, but I'm hopeful some hit their marks.

Shep at pick-up from doggie day care. I'd like him to go there a few times per week. 
Right now it's just a few times per month. 

Shep watching me leave. 
As much as he likes to go there, he doesn't like to see me leave. 

Sophie marking my Calvin & Hobbes collection. 

On the chillier days, Shep is like a cat. He loves finding a place in the sun. 

He also likes exposing himself. We think he likes to stretch that long spine of his. 

Sophie never looks happy, but she is a very happy cat. 

My fave of the week. 

Daily, the golden, loves loves loves greeting me. There is not enough love in the world to sate her need for attention and pets. I'm happy to do my part.  

Grady, the Jack Russell,  is just a love. 

This might be my idea of heaven. 

I'm trying to commit all the dog's names to memory. I'd say I'm about 1/3 of the way there. Of course, it's a rotating crew of dogs, so who know how I'm doing. As I was told the last time I was there:  "we're hiring".   It is SO tempting. 

Song by: Mary Chapin Carpenter


anne marie in philly said...

of sourse sophie is happy, she just has the "daddy, ENOUGH with the camera" look.

if you quit your current job, could you and 710 survive on a reduced income? might be worth looking into. puppies would be SO less stressful!

Raybeard said...

One of the most cruelly negative pieces of 'education' was given when I was 9 years old - our class teacher telling us that "animals have no souls". I was as stunned as any kid of that age could be. It meant that there can't be animals in Heaven. Ever since then I've thought - what Heaven would be worth it if there were no animals there? I think that was the initial stage of my incipient agnosticism.

Ur-spo said...

Happy cats make a happy home.