Sunday, November 05, 2017

Jack of All Trades

I can't be bothered with politics this weekend. But my hand isn't that much better. The initial severe pain is gone, but there's a new kind of pain - and it's prevalent. Typing is ok. Operating a lawn mower is not. Carrying a laundry basket or a glass of water is not.

I'm just assuming masturbating is off the table. Not ON the table.

Anyway - have you seen Master of None yet?  It's on Netflix.  Season 1 is great. Extremely well done.

Season 2 isn't quite up to the same snuff, though it has it's moments - and when it's good, it's great.

Episode 1 of Season 2 is an homage to the Bicycle Thief. The next one, has the best friend of Dev (the main character, played by Aziz Ansari), Arnold. Arnold should be in more episodes. He's big, goofy and insightful.

But the best episode - of the series (so far) - is the Thanksgiving episode. "Denise" isn't in many shows during the second season, but this one she co-wrote with Ansari (and they won an Emmy for it). The premise is simple, and then not. It takes place over several years, but always on Thanksgiving day.

Angela Bassett plays Denise's mother and is excellent. I won't spoil the storyline, but it's touching, complicated and hilarious at the same time.

The episode is stand-alone. You needn't have seen any other of the shows to watch this - you won't lose a thing and it's totally worth it.

Song by: Bruce Springsteen


Raybeard said...

Not the main reason for your post, but got to say that I only 'discovered' Aziz Ansari a few years ago through 'Parks and Recreation', then realising that he's an established stand-up comedian. Unusual looks which may not be everybody's cup of tea, but I do find him sexy as hell!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard of this but I will be taking a look. Thanks for the recommendation.