Saturday, November 11, 2017

Let's Go Slow

It's been an unrelenting week at work. The time change is not helping matters - not that I'm one of those who can't adjust, but it's true: dogs do not believe in daylight saving time.

Still, walks on either side of work are done in cloak of darkness, which can make picture taking challenging. And last week was all about the rain, so not even weekend outing images.

But I must persevere in the name of my readers.  You're welcome.  I think.

Stare down to dinner. 
At least he's cute about it. 

Trying a bowl to slow down his scarfing of fud. 
It's working and he seems to enjoy the challenge. Probably takes him 10x longer. 

Just hangin' with his pops #2.  (that's me)

Soph is a trooper for taking a tail in the face a few times per week. 

The guy is a jumper. 

When we first got him and he was on this wall, I'd pick him up and gently place him on the grounds so he wouldn't get hurt. He's all about the jumping up....and down. 

Song by: Jules Shear & Rob Shear


anne marie in philly said...

interesting fud bowl there.

Deedles said...

At the risk of sounding really, really sappy, that pooch always makes my heart chirp!

Raybeard said...

Seeing him together with Sophie in the same shot always gives me an extra buzz.

Emily Shorette said...

If you wouldn't mind, I would really appreciate it if you would consider my blog, Aside from a critique of Mr. Trump which takes place daily, the main part consists of daily life for transgender folks. And, once in awhile, I write poetry! I hope you enjoy it.

Emily Shorette