Tuesday, September 19, 2017

You Can't Win

For whom the bell tolls.  It tolls for.......(not) me.

Ok....ok......I drafted part of this before the televised event, so I had to use a strikethrough, though I could have just deleted.

The 'you' in the title refers to me, of course. I'm not sure how many more loses I can endure, though I think Mike seems to like keeping me around for this reason only.  ....and I buy the drinks.  Probably in the reverse order.


The television academy has spoken, and folks.........THIS is what a virtual sweep looks like.

Drama Series - Blobby wins. 
Actor, Drama Series - Mike wins
Actress, Drama Series - Mike wins
Supporting Actor, Drama Series - both win
Supporting Actress, Drama Series - both lose
Comedy Series - both win
Actor, Comedy Series - Mike wins
Actress, Comedy Series - both win
Supporting Actor, Comedy Series - we both win
Supporting Actress, Comedy Series - Mike wins
Limited Series - Mike wins
Actor, Limited Series or Movie - both lose
Supporting Actor, Limited Series or Movie - Mike Wins
Actress, Limited Series or Movie - Mike wins     
Supporting Actress, Limited Series or Movie - Mike wins
Television Movie - Mike wins
Variety Talk Series - both lose
Variety Sketch Series - both win

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuckidy Fuck Fuck. 

Mike and I chatted during the telecast, but it wasn't as lively as previous shows. I dare say, neither of us were as witty as usual, though I'm all sure he'd claim he was.  (pssssst........he wasn't.)

He took an early lead - two of the first three categories - and kept it. 

I know I said this contest was a game of chance, but even I have better luck at roulette. And I know that Mike's were all guesses as he didn't even know many of those shows for which he voted, and he is so short attention span (see, what I did there?) that he has never actually finished VEEP, Master of None, Little Big Lies (hell, I didn't even start that), or I dunno....Three's Company (though I hear he's an avid fan of the Ropers). 

That Mike is a kind soul though - so don't believe everything you read on-line about him. He says we can go double-or-nothing for the Oscars, so I don't have to pay up now. 

However, I did ask him what double amount of cookies looked like, other than diabetes and a 38" waist.   (though you know I will win the Oscar race only because that means I get the 'nothing'.  Balls!)

.....I'm still waiting on that response. 

Song by: Kelly Clarkson

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Anonymous said...

Oh Blobby. How you do go on (and on). A virtual sweep, you call it? Hmmm....does that mean the same as a "trouncing"? Haha I kid because i know you can handle it. And just want to correct one point. I was witty (perhaps wittier than usual) during our IM exchange throughout the telecast. And it seemed you were struggling to keep up. It's all good, my friend...all good. The Oscars telecast is months away...perhaps you start doing some research now? (hint, hint). I am pulling for your to win next time!