Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Other Voices

So over the weekend, Deedles left a blog comment regarding my Cedar Point video post that said  - and I quote - "your voice always startles me. You look like you should sound like James Earl Jones."

Naturally that got me thinking.

Then worrying.

Then I was wringing my hands.

....and then of course, the inevitable tears.

Clearly, I know I don't sound like Darth Vader - though I've considered purchasing the Vader voice changing mask. But the 'startles' part of the comment made me think:  do I sound like Charles Nelson Reilly?   Rip Taylor?  Gilbert Godfrey?

I don't mean to make Deedles second guess any comments she might make in the future or feel bad about the one she made. I'm actually joking about the entire thing.

Kind of.

I'm a big boy. I know I don't come off as hyper-masculine, vocally, that is. But I don't drop an excessive amount of esses either. I don't think. It's a happy medium.

Still, who likes to hear the sound of their own voice?

The comment did spur thought of an SNL clip.....which exactly plays to what is probably my reality....and my insecurity.....and my sense of humour.

Larry's voicemail greeting by Matt2h

Song by: the Cure


Deedles said...

Oh dear, I just swallowed these size elevens again. What I meant, sugar, was that your voice is so soft and melodic, more of a tenor I suppose, than a bass. Nothing whatsoever to do with masculinity or manliness or some such. If that were the case, I'd be really manly since I sound like Barry White.
Your voice startles me because of the expressions on your face. Sometimes you look growly or scowly and the voice doesn't match. I like your voice very much and sorry for the misunderstanding.

rebecca said...

I'm dying...

sanpiseth40 said...

I like your voice very much and sorry for the misunderstanding.