Friday, September 22, 2017

Out of Time

Before the post, play the below clip.

Go it.

What the clip leaves out (at the start) is a reference of Michael asking Lucille Bluth something or other about Jimmy Kimmel. What you see is her response.

This was when Kimmel first got his own televised talk show (as opposed to his radio show or that horrid tv show with Adam whatshisface).

Now, I'd alway laugh at anything Lucille had to say, but it was especially funny because Kimmel started off (for me) rather poorly. He has changed quite a bit - in terms of delivery, tenor, and content. He's funnier than the rest of the late nighters - though I'm guessing Anne Frank was funnier than Seth Meyers.

Like Colbert, Kimmel is spot-on with his take on the SCROTUS administration (it's been two weeks since I've had a semi-political post....and not by accident). Unlike their "peers" Colbert and Kimmel are not just about the punchline. There is commentary and thought behind what they say and how they say it.

Kimmel took it a step further and called Bill Cassidy - co-author of the new healthcare bill up before the Senate - a 'liar' on national television. Twice. On two separate broadcasts.  And had tape to back up the lie from a Kimmel broadcast where Cassidy was a guest.

As you'd expect, Cassidy said nothing, but Ms. Lindsey Graham stepped into to defend his honor. Then Cassidy spoke up saying that Kimmel knew nothing of the healthcare bill.  Which was kind of a mistake. Kimmel took to the air the second night and thrashed Cassidy again.

I'm hoping for a third night.

Jimmy speaks not just as an entertainer, but in the context of a father with a newborn who needed open heart surgery - and who will now have a pre-existing condition for life. He is aware he can afford the 'luxury' of paying for surgery for his child, but few others can - let alone the insurance to do it.....assuming a carrier would take on a high-risk patient.

Kimmel (and Colbert) are doing what the mainstream media isn't:  calling these hypocrites out on their lies, half-truths or shirking the questions all together. In that regard, they are fake news organizations.

I can only hope that others take this approach. It is the only way we can win.

So while I was totally with Lucille from the start, I've come around to Team Jimmy.

....and you have to love him just for ragging on Matt Damon nightly for the last decade (which is where I'm getting my post title reference).

(call your Senators about Cassidy-Graham.  it's fiscally irresponsible to move this forward with no CBO audit or projections. And let's not forget McConnell is only allowing 90 seconds - yes, that's right, seconds - for Senate debate.)

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Fearsome Beard said...

We got a third night. Kimmel & Colbert Are spot on.