Monday, September 25, 2017

My Music Monday

I've been forcing myself to listen to my Sirius a little more often. For g-d's sake, I'm paying for it. I usually keep it on a handful of stations - mostly AltNation and First Wave.

Of course, there is almost nothing I haven't heard on First Wave, if anything I'll hear something I might not have come across in years. It's AltNation where I pick up a song here and / or there.

This week it's "Sorry" by Nothing But Thieves.

I stumbled upon it mid-song was kind of into it. I searched it out via YouTube and I have to say the beginning didn't grab me. But I let it play and soon enough  - but not immediate - it grabbed me again.

I don't mean enough for me to actively search out other output they might have done. Right now it's just for the moment....a car ride.

(and I still like the YoutTube feature of starting a video at a certain point for you folks. You escaped 24 seconds of nothing. Sure it seems like no time, but admit it, the 5 seconds you sometimes have to wait for a video to start is too long.  You're welcome!)

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