Monday, September 11, 2017

My Music Monday

Whilst in Columbus, and still at the Out-R-Inn, Blobby, the would be sociologist, was taking in the surroundings of the crammed into the back patio.

There were the guys/gals that just didn't care. I didn't know that white guys

Then the ones who tried too hard. There were the two unfamiliar (with each other folks) who danced with each other, but atop different picnic tables to some hip-hop song I had never heard.

Usually you only see stripper moves like this from community college girls. Still if she brings this guy home, it's gonna be an awkward Thanksgiving.

But it was the music to which I really took notice. There was the aforementioned hip hop song, plus a few others like that. Then for the most part the rest were just from our era - which we were (almost) older than most anyone else at the bar.  You had your AC/DC, your Steppenwolf, your Stones.

For the youths, they threw in a little White Stripes (but honestly, even that pre-dates these kids) and some other stuff on which I am now blanking.

Yes, they did the requisite "Shout".  Yes, any number of these youths did the whole Otis Day thing of going lower and lower with the "a little bit softer now..." lyric. I turned to my friend Pat and said, "isn't it funny how every generation (because now it's generational) to think this song belongs to them, as if they were the ones to discover Animal House?

Then, to me, something odd happened - "Mr. Brightside" from the Killers came on.

Now, I like the song and all, but this group LOVED it. I have never seen so many people semi-spontaneously burst into singing a song at the top of their lungs (at least when it wasn't at a concert).  Now assuming that the majority of the folks there were still attending Ohio State and factor in that you need to be 21 to get in this bar.....and that the song is 14+ years old, it did make me stop an think.

I had read in Billboard (I think) that this song has never not been on the U.K. - at least in their top 100 songs.  For 13-14 years. So this song has something going for least in the U.K. and the Out-R-Inn.

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Jonny said...

Were you drunk when you wrote this post?