Sunday, September 03, 2017


This isn't my Maine video. That's still in the works. the pre-stage of 'the works'.

This last Thursday we went to our local amusement park - and by 'local' I mean 90 minutes away. Still, Cedar Point is a force with which to be reckoned.

We purposefully picked the day for low attendance and it seemed to work.

Both 710 and I found some of the rides we love to be rough. Depending on with whom I chat, it could be a variety of things:  apparently it really depends on where you sit on the Magnum XL 2000 or the Gemini. If you pick the wrong area (i.e. not the front), your body is gonna feel it.   .....and let's just say, for those, we didn't pick the front.

When you get to the 2:42 mark, we are about to go on the of the better rides. 3/4 of up the hill they stop the ride. 710 I joked that it was only a matter of time before we got stuck on one, after all these years and all these rides.

Alas, the twat (yes......twat).....behind us (we have the front car, dontcha know) took out her phone to film. The ride folk saw her and demanded her phone and purse. On that ride especially, she not only would have lost the phone, but probably injured another passenger with it after it flew from her hands.  Twat.

I won't say it is the most inspired of my Cedar Point videos......but you get what you get.  ...and that's my pretty mug for all of you to see.

Song by: Aimee Mann


anne marie in philly said...

my speed is the train ride; you can keep the coasters (vom).

horse piss - bwhahahahaha! and the camel was rude too.

spo is gonna get you for your U of M remarks!

Deedles said...

What fun! I stopped going to amusement parks because, like the fashion industry, the rides I enjoy aren't made for plus size women who are built backwards. Love rollercoasters (Ohio Players) they don't love me anymore.
Your voice always startles me. You look like you should sound like James Earl Jones :)

sanpiseth40 said...

bwhahahahaha! and the camel was rude too.