Sunday, November 01, 2015


For those who are my friends follow me on Facebook, you saw me post this weeks ago. But there are dozens and dozens of you who don't - so this might be the first time you're seeing this movie trailer.

Sorry, "movie trailer".

Yes, I bet you thought you were getting Halloween pictures today, didn't you? Well you're wrong. Those kind of parties start after sundown and go for a while. I was in no mood or shape (probably, as I'm drafting this before the actual party) to get a post up for early morning.

You'll see the outcome on Tuesday.

Today is Daylight Saving. Fall backward, as it were. Though, how many people fall backwards? When you fall, I bet it is usually forwards.

Anyway, I do love how these videos have gotten so professional.

"It's not plural" is my favourite line.

Song by: Delerium ft Matthew Sweet


Bob said...

I've heard "Daylights Savings" and "Daylights Saving" and "Daylight Savings."

Now I have something to show those morons!

It's not plural!!!!

Fearsome Beard said...

Thanks, no didn't see it on Facebook as I'm one of those who doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Very funny video. The UK went backwards last week. Time shift completely confuses me, though I do have a friend who actually put her clock forwards - honestly I am not joking.

Ur-spo said...

we in AZ don't do no stinkin DST; we have too much daylight as it is and we don't want to save any of it.