Monday, November 09, 2015

My Music Monday

Bad Music from Favourite Artists. That is the November drill.

Drill - as is painful. Or it can be.

Last week I let you off the hook with a bad-good song. This week it is just bad-bad. There is no fucking way around it.

It's no secret here that I used be very fond of Fleetwood Mac - and in certain ways I still am. But glow started to fade around 1987 with their release Tango in the Night.

That album actually had four hit singles off it - so good for them, but it started to show that they might be overstaying their welcome a bit.

Now, I could have easily picked almost any song off of their Say You Will album, but I thought I should pick a disk where the popular line-up all participated.

I'm picking on Stevie Nicks here, as she has - without a doubt - the worst track on this disk: "Welcome to the Room....Sara".

I was going to give her a break by saying she wasn't with the band for recording the album, as she was in a lengthy rehab process - and she only came in for two weeks to do her vocals, and backing vocals for the other songs where she doesn't sing lead.

She actually only contributes three songs to the entire disk, one of which wasn't even written by her, though the really bad track is attributed to her and her alone.

I thought it wouldn't be nice to kick a drug addict when she was down (and allegedly, the song is about her time in rehab). but then while looking for a video to attach, I came across Nicks' demo of the song and it is as equally as bad (if not worse) than the full-band version.

Lindsey Buckingham usually (re)arranges her songs into listenable music, but it looks like he just left it as is, though fleshed out the backing vocals somewhat to include him and Christine McVie. Still, Nicks is left with part singing, part talking her rambling "lyrics".

There is no official video - as you can probably tell this wasn't a single, let alone a hit one.


Bob said...

I hadn't heard this one before, and now I may not be able to un-hear it.

It's almost a Sarah Palin Word Salad Set To Music.

Luckily, I could focus on Lindsey during the video; he always rocked my boat.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Blobby on this one. I gave up at 48 seconds.

David G said...

Maybe we should try Great Music from your Least Favorite Artists instead......

Erik Rubright said...

Why does she sound so much like a goat? Or when you sing into a fan.