Thursday, November 05, 2015

Love is in the Air

When we went to NYC a few weeks ago and were battling few and available mid-priced hotel rooms, I went on airbnb to see what they had.

I have been a bit iffy on how comfortable I'd be staying at another person's place, but you know - it couldn't hurt to look.

While some of the places were not for me, there were more than a few really decent places and really good prices. And while I got over my discomfort with the idea, I could not talk 710 into doing this experience.

Airbnb  - for those who haven't really looked into it - offers a mix of houses, apartments, condos for 'rent' on a temporary basis. They are lived-in places, so furnishings, etc are all there.

And there are options of entire residence to yourself, renting a room or even couch surfing. For the record, I'd only be ok with the entire residence to ourselves. I barely want to share with 710.

I kid.  I kid.

Semi-frequent contributor - though he doesn't actually know it - Jeremy, sent me a little tidbit about misterbnb, which seems to be a gay version of airbnb. While I don't think the two are affiliated, the gay version is remarkably similar in set up to the main site.

Just looking at the Cleveland locations, they are all just room rentals. It seems that the owner is always there.  No. Thank. You.

Ditto with the sample Jeremy sent for a place in DC.'re not exactly getting to stay in another room.  You get so. much. more. !!!!!!

I'll let YOU read the ad.

Forget couch surfing.  You get to share Don's bed.  Nekkid !!!!  

Well, Don will be. I suppose you don't have to.

Clearly Don isn't nude "all the time", as he has close (the spelling joke is tied to the ad) on in his profile image.

I asked Jeremy, that "I assume the rape is implied?" can overlook the implied sex if he had Hulu Plus.  But just plain Hulu?  Forget it!

Song by: John Paul Young


anne marie in philly said...

OMB! no thank you; too skeevy!

Fearsome Beard said...

Oh hell no, to all of it.
There's a reason I have gold status at Marriott. A safe, comfortable, reliable place with room service.

Bob said...

Um, Don? Honey? No. No.

Sidenote: your comment over to my place about the Jeb Reboot ["JUST Jeb"] still has me giggling.

Anonymous said...

Owner nude at all times? I wouldn't know where to look.

Mark in DE said...

We've used AirBnB several times, but only the 'full residence' option. Our first experience was renting a house in Puerto Vallarta. It was purchased for investment/renting so the owner did NOT live there, and it was a great home at a great value. Our second experience was renting a condo in Vancouver, BC. The owner lived there only when the condo was not rented. Again, great location and good value. Our third experience was renting a studio in Montreal. Again it was purchased for renting so the owner did NOT live there. Great location and great value. We would continue to use AirBnB but only the 'full residence' option. Honestly, it sounds like "Don" is just looking to get paid to have a stranger sleep with him.

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