Thursday, November 26, 2015

I Constantly Thank G-d for Esteban

I don't know who 'Esteban' is, but is suppose he is good enough to thank as anyone.

As you know, Thanksgiving isn't my holiday.

As I say that aloud, I'm not sure I have one. That is fine. One doesn't need to be a holiday person.

Parades?  No can do.

Cowboys or Detroit?  Why don't they just get it over with - have one game and have them play each other.

The food isn't my thing, as I'm not a fan of turkey that much, though I'm ok with a sandwich here and there. I will be ok that I get to make the potatoes - two kinds, I suspect, mashed for the traditionalist and possibly an 11-layer gratin with fried sage for,

My mother will send 710 home with pumpkin pie, but I'm sure I'll have to get whipped cream, as my mother won't have it, or we will forget to bring it home with us.

No one ever eats desserts at my mother's. I normally don't like what she makes and everyone else is too full to eat sugar and crust after such a big meal. And since dinner will be eaten at 16:00, there has to be something to snack on later in the evening.

Though this might not be my day, for everyone else, I certainly hope you have a nice one. Keep the political talk to a murmur, and enjoy the folks you are with.

I'll be here tomorrow.

Song by: Panic! at the Disco


anne marie in philly said...

just another day off work.

Bob said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Day Off.