Monday, November 30, 2015

My Music Monday

I am glad today is an end to Erik's nightmare of a theme - bad songs by favourite artists.

I thought of Arcade Fire, of course. And I'd say none of their songs are bad-bad. But that was wishful thinking. When RĂ©gine Chassagne takes lead vocals, watch out......things can plummet to the ground faster and more disastrous than a space shuttle with missing tiles. Feel free to search out their song "Black Wave / Bad Vibrations".  The song might not be all that bad, but when she starts it off in that screechy voice, it's hard not only to get to the good part but to erase the bad.

The National, I would like to say has no bad songs, but there are a few even just on Alligator, their first full-length release.

So just to highlight a bad song, I'm going with Paul Linda McCartney & Wings' "Cook of the House", off their album Speed of Sound.

I can't say Wings is one of my favourite groups, but there was a day I really loved their live disk Wings Over America. I was always fond of "Beware My Love", "Spirits of Ancient Egypt" "Time to Hide", and the trio of "Venus and Mars / Rock Show / Jet".  Only two of those are sung by Paul.

And let's not quibble, while McCartney can be a great artist, he has certainly served up enough crap with songs like "Let 'Em In", "Silly Love Songs" are two examples. Don't even get me started on "Wonderful Christmastime".

But the honours for worst song from this band belong to his first wife and Wings keyboardist / "vocalist",  Linda.

It should probably pain me to say that, as Linda was technically a family member. Her mother was cousins with my father. I never met Linda, Paul or her mother, nor did they attend the reunions. But it doesn't actually pain me - unless I have to listen to her sing.

There were stories of live engineers being fired while on the road for isolating Linda's backing vocals during concerts to show how bad of a singer she was. I don't know if any of those stories are true, and she didn't sound horrible on the live record, though who knows what trickery might have happened.

But for "Cook of the House", not only is it a questionable vocal, they are just horrible horrible lyrics. And that's a shame, as the music part is actually kind of interesting. But the two don't go together. Not that those lyrics would have gone with any music.


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Morty said...

I bought the 45 of Silly Love Songs in 6th grade and this song was on the flip side. i played it exactly once.